Importance of GHS Safety Data Sheets

Like any labeling standardization, it is an effort to replace the various characterized classifications and labeling standards used in different countries by using consistent criteria on a global level.  It should be internationally agreed-upon system to foster consistency, regularity, and harmony.  And here, the global harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals or GHS was created.  GHS takes the place of all other systems of classification and labeling of chemicals that has previously been used.  Different kinds of hazards including environmental hazards are discussed here with all relevant information about them.  It can also be used as a source to obtain advice of safety precautions.


The role of safety data sheet or SDS is to provide comprehensive information pertaining to a substance of a mixture that one can use in the workplace.  This is also a source of information useful for employers to be able to come up with measures for the protection and training of their workers and measures for the protection of the environment as well.  This includes providing an important source of information when it comes to how to transport dangerous goods, how emergency responders can control a spate of an outbreak. 


If employers use SDS this is the minimum information that they can get. For further details regarding safety data sheets, you may visit


With the help of this system, substances and mixtures can be identified.  It is important that the chemical manufacturer adopted the GHS standards and likewise the identification of the supplier should be consistent with the same standards.


Hazard symbols are posted in graphical figures as precautionary statements like the flame symbol and the skull and cross bones symbol.  Check out SDS app for more info.


Other than those first impression marks, SDS also provides chemical identity and its common names or synonyms to make sure you know what it takes to be well informed.  They also provide the impurities and stabilizing additives. 


It will guide you to develop a fire-fighting measure or endorse the suitable extinguishing media to choke the fire instead of combusting it further. Visit SDS app for more details.


It also gives information of the proper personal precautionary measure that individuals should take and protective equipment to use and the way to proceed for emergency procedures.


You also get information on environmental precautions which includes the materials and methods for containment and cleanup.


Information is also given on how chemicals should be stored and what kind of chemical reactions can start a flame or cause an explosion.


There are dangerous exposure limits to inhaling dangerous gas that you should be aware of and they recommend equipment that will protect you from these.  What is included in this exposure limit standards are the odor threshold that humans can take, evaporation rate, relative density, viscosity and other physical and chemical properties.


The value of SDS's data sheet or the material safety data sheet or MSDS, which is one and the same, has enormously helped in the ills of chemical and its use.